What’s in a name?

The Collective NWX is now Work-Collective

Businesses spend months teasing out names, and thousands of dollars developing logos and creating brand standards. The process of developing a “name” is complex and layered, as it ultimately is the soul of a business. So when @KentOdendahl suggested we make changes to our business name, my first instinct was to say no and stick with what was familiar.

Fast forward a year and multiple conversations about our future of our business, and I finally bought into the request. Side note: one of the interesting parts of owning a business with your spouse is the ongoing negotiation that takes place for such decisions. Though it pains me to say “you were right” I’ll say it, and acknowledge that I was initially wrong.

Often times we are stuck in our lane of the present, and we get paralyzed thinking about how things “could” be in the future. It takes vision and guts to make changes that are hard to conceptualize at first blush. Just part of the ongoing journey of business ownership; a journey I am happy to be on with my admittedly more visionary partner. And I am super excited to share our new(ish) name that will guide us to the next chapter of our business.