Dedicated Desks

Work-Collective has 12 dedicated desks with the following amenities:

Second floor location | 24/7 access
Gigabit ethernet and WI-FI internet
Standing or seated height desks | LED Task lighting
Built in storage | Ergonomic Steelcase chairs
 Four (4) hours/month conference room usage included
Coworking community benefits including phone booths,
outdoor patio, and fully stocked cafe

Need a workspace to call your own away from the confines of your home? Work-Collective has 12 privately situated dedicated desks that offer an affordable alternative to a private office. 

Our dedicated desks are standing or seated height with ergonomic Steelcase chairs, privacy screens, task lighting, and a generous 3×6 foot workspace. Dedicated desk members also have a personal locker to store belongings and enjoy all of the community benefits. This includes 24/7 access, use of the phone rooms, four hours of monthly conference time, and much more. 

Dedicated Desk Membership
Accepting waitlist reservations. Pricing starts at:
  • Craving your own space? This membership gives you 24/7 access to a dedicated, private desk with personal locker, task light and option for a seated or standing height desk. Four (4) hours/month conference room usage included.