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Navigating Covid-19

As of March 23, The Collective NWX is closed to the public. 

The current outbreak in Deschutes County apprears to be small and well contained however Governor Brown issued a new Executive Order prohibiting the operation of many non-essential businesses. Coworking offices are not explicitly called out in the order, yet there is language regarding remote work. 

Page 5, section 9 – “Work in offices is prohibited whenever telework and work at home options are available in light of position duties, availability of teleworking equipment and network adequacy.”  Section 11 goes on to say ” Businesses and nonprofits that fail to comply with paragraphs 9 and 10 will be closed until they demonstrate compliance.”

Understanding the implications for both our business and the community’s health, we are interpreting this as an order to close the public operations of The Collective NWX office effective immediately. This is a difficult, yet important measure that we hope will be a short term solution to stem the tide of this epidemic. 

We are in the midst of a unique situation where the very nature of how people work is changing daily (sometimes even by the hour). We are commited to providing a clean and safe environment for all or members and feel that the following the state guidelines to close to the public is the best course of action.

Thank you for your continued support of CNWX. We are extremely grateful for all of our members in this uncertain and difficult time and we sincerely hope that we will see your smiling faces again in the very near future.

Be well,
Kent and Sara Odendahl

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Love is….

It’s Valentines Day and though I’m not much for Hallmark holidays, I do appreciate the underlying message of the day. We often get so wrapped up the daily tasks and chores of life that we forget to focus on what is truly important.

For me it’s my husband, my girls, friends, nature, community (in the big C sense), good books, the perfect chai latte that are atop my list. These are the things that I love and cherish, and wish I had more hours in the day to enjoy.

Where is this post going you ask? It’s not just to share my personal love of tea and a brisk walk, but rather to share the importance of taking time to focus on what’s important in your life. I’m no motivational speaker, but this is truth people. The more authentic relationships and experiences we have, the happier we are at home; the more productive we are at work; the better life feels.

Should it take a fabricated holiday to focus our eyes what’s important? The correct answer is no, but the truthful answer is yes. Sometimes it takes an outside event to allow us to look within.

For me, this is a daily challenge but our move to Oregon and the opportunity to open The Collective NWX has forced my hand a bit. These external forces gave me a loving nudge and allowed me space to refocus on those people and things I cherish dearly. And for this I am eternally grateful.

Hopefully, this pink and red holiday gives you a nudge to focus on what you love. Or eat chocolate… chocolate is always a good option.

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2020 – The Year of the Metal Rat

According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2020 is going to be a strong, prosperous and lucky year. “Those who plan to start a business, buy real estate or invest in a long-term project have great chances of being satisfied in the future. 2020 is considered a year of new beginnings and renewals.”

Wow, this strikes a chord as our life is full of new beginnings! A new town, new home, new schools, new friends, new professional opportunities and of course a new business endeavor.

As the possibilities of 2020 begin to unfold, we could not be more excited to open the doors of The Collective NWX and start building an amazing community with our members.

We hope you like what we are building, and invite you to be a part of it. Make 2020 the year of your own new beginning.

~Sara & Kent

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Collective NWX Preview Week

Strictly Organic coffee at CNWX

The time has come, and we are (almost!) ready to throw open the doors of our beautiful new shared workspace for Collective NWX preview week. As we put the finishing touches on the office, we invite you to make it your home base for a day — on us, no strings attached. Stop in, enjoy a cup of Strictly Organic coffee and plug in your laptop for an hour (or the entire day). Consider it an early Holiday gift!

The Collective NWX Preview Week

Cost: Free
When: Monday, 12/16 – Friday, 12/20
Time: 9am-4pm
Location: 2900 NW Clearwater Drive, Suite 200 (parking in back of building)

Contact us for more information or questions. Hope to see you next week!

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Grateful for Community

Grateful for Community in Bend.
A perfect car picnic on our first Oregon tree hunt in the forest surrounding Bend. After a few hours of exploring, we found a gem to brighten our home with the Christmas spirit.

If one word or phrase could sum up how we are feeling at this point in time, it would be grateful for community. For time spent with family during Thanksgiving; our health; the outdoors; snow (finally!) and for our new business as we prepare to open the doors.

November was a whirlwind of activity at “the space”, the name our girls have affectionately bestowed on our new business. It seems like just days ago we posted photos of the furniture arriving, and yet so much has transpired since those photos were snapped. The small things, such as selecting the perfect light bulbs and installing corner guards to protect the fabulous wallpaper, seem to gobble up most of our working hours. Yet, the big things are where we yearn to spend our time. Curating the Collective NWX member experience is one of those big things.

A reporter for a local media outlet recently asked us “what makes the Collective special?” While we knew our answer to that question, it begs the bigger question for our potential members. What makes your workplace special? Is it your personal space, your colleagues or the free coffee? Each one of us has a different answer to that question, and each answer is the right one. Thus, we are challenged to think through how those ideas work together organically to make the Collective a truly unique and special place for our members.

Our answer to the reporter’s question is simple: community. Setting aside the perfect light bulbs and the fabulous wallpaper, what we are really creating is a community— a collective—and for that we are truly grateful!

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Our furniture is here! Our furniture is here!

Construction is underway. Since we drove into Bend in early July with our bike-laden caravan of white SUVS, we have dedicated a lot of time and energy (and prayers) to The Collective NWX. What started out as a nugget of an idea eight months ago is finally taking shape and we are excited to share it! While selecting carpeting and planning for electrical outlets is certainly up there on the list of fun activities, we’ve had the most fun designing the space for you — our members. The pinterest mood board has become a reality with the help of our amazing designer, Katie, at Hyphn. And this week we got to see the pieces we selected over the summer, and we are in love. We’ll share photos as the space comes together, and we hope you fall in love our vision too!

If you or someone you know is looking for coworking space in Bend, drop us a line. We’d love to show you around and have you join our community.

Stay tuned, there is still work to do but we are just getting started!