Private Offices

Introducing 16 New Private Offices at
The Collective NWX

Available late fall 2020, starting at only $695!

1-5 person office suites available with the following amenities:

First floor location | 24/7 access
Gigabit ethernet and WI-FI internet
Electric height adjustable walnut desks | LED Task lighting
Built in storage | Ergonomic Steelcase chairs
Coworking community benefits including outdoor patio,
fully stocked cafe, and conference rooms

Understanding traditional offices and work environments have changed due to COVID-19, The Collective NWX is well positioned to welcome companies looking to pivot their office structure. The combination of private offices and flexible workspace that a coworking environment, such as CNWX offers, allows small business owners flexibility on lease terms and removes overhead costs and hassles associated with operating a small office.

Offices on both floors are outfitted in a similar aesthetic. We currently have six private office spaces at The Collective NWX and have a waitlist. This fall, CNWX will expand its office footprint to the the first floor. This expansion adds 16 new offices increasing our inventory to 22 offices in total. This will allow The Collective NWX to provide much needed office space for local entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Suite 100 Private Offices

The first floor expansion of The Collective NWX will have 16 private office spaces.
Twelve are set up for individuals and sole proprietors ranging from 58-90 square feet.
While the two are set up to handle larger teams of 3-5 people and range between 126-208 square feet.

Windows | All suite 100 offices will have storefront glass fronts and office doors
Yes = Outside view | Indirect = Outside view though indirect window

Office NumberSizeSeatsWindowPriceStatus
STE 100 | 174/sf1Yes$995/moReserved
STE 100 | 258/sf1Yes$795/moPending
STE 100 | 358/sf1Yes$795/moReserved
STE 100 | 474/sf1Yes$995/moReserved
STE 100 | 574/sf1Yes$995/moReserved
STE 100 | 658/sf1Yes$795/moReserved
STE 100 | 7126/sf2 or 3Yes$1,595/moReserved
STE 100 | 872/sf1Indirect$895/moReserved
STE 100 | 958/sf1Indirect$695/moReserved
STE 100 | 1058/sf1Indirect$695/moAvailable
STE 100 | 11138/sf3Indirect$1,595/moAvailable
STE 100 | 1287/sf1 or 2$1,195/moAvailable
STE 100 | 1387/sf1 or 2$1,195/moAvailable
STE 100 | 1487/sf1 or 2$1,195/moAvailable
STE 100 | 1590/sf1 or 2$1,295/moAvailable
STE 100 | 1690/sf1 or 2$1,295/moAvailable
STE 100 | 17208/sf4 or 5Indirect$2,495/moAvailable

Suite 200 Private Offices

The second floor of The Collective NWX has six private office spaces.
Each office is set up to handle small businesses of one or two people and range in size from 95 – 114 square feet

Windows | All suite 200 offices have full glass office doors but no direct outside glass windows
Yes = Outside view | Indirect = Outside view though indirect window

Office NumberSizeSeatsWindowPriceStatus
STE 200 | 195/sf1 or 2Indirect$995/moOccupied
STE 200 | 295/sf1 or 2$995/moOpen Nov 15
STE 200 | 395/sf1 or 2$995/moOpen Nov 15
STE 200 | 4114/sf1 or 2Indirect$1,195/moOpen Nov 15
STE 200 | 5114/sf1 or 2Indirect$1,195/moOpen Nov 15
STE 200 | 6114/sf1 or 2Indirect$1,195/moOpen Nov 15

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