Mark Jamnik

Artist in Residence

Mark Jamnik creates a style of abstract art called Subliminal Story Art.

This art connects below the threshold of consciousness, inspired by accounts of everyday life expressed through the artist’s interpretation. Behind each work he creates, there is a story.

Subliminal Story Art stands apart through a perfectly imperfect amalgamation of business acumen, organization, entrepreneurship, storytelling, meaning, inspiration, and connection.  It pulls from the myriad of daily interactions, from the simplicity of a modern building with angles that depict modern man’s version of perfection to the simplicity of how nature effortlessly blends death and life seamlessly to create the true definition of perfection…imperfection.

Paralleling the human condition and the beauty of life…Subliminal Story Art connects to a deeper meaning of what is underneath, connects us to the story of humanity and the art invites you to explore and appreciate what lies deep within each of us.

He invited the Work-Collective members to share what “community” meant to them on a canvas and painted an abstract art piece that now hangs in the lobby. You can view the inspiration of the video of the work here. 

When Mark isn’t out in the Bend community co-creating community inspired art you’ll find him enjoying the beauty of Bend, and nature…either mountain biking, running or skiing at Mt. Bachelor.  

Mark’s mission: Make art accessible, interactive, and more understandable and he also teaches a monthly class called “Paint with the Artist” on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Visit for more details.

Are you Interested in showing art at Work-Collective?

We are always seeking artists to showcase their work in a beautiful, contemporary office in Northwest Crossing location.

  • Set it and forget it 3-6 months.
  • Use it to drive traffic to other events.
  • Place to showcase your high-end art.
  • Promoted on Social Media through Work-Collective.
  • Traffic: 70+ guests/day (Board member meetings, Chamber meetings, etc.)
  • Lucrative NW Crossing location.
  • High-end business owner clients.
  • Opportunity to merchandise.

Other Benefits:

  • One hour of CRM sales service strategy to help you follow up.
  • 100% commission salesperson that operates out of the space for questions about art.

If you are interested. please complete the following questions so we can gauge your interest and get to know you a bit better.