Here are some common questions from our members. You can also find more details inside of our members portal here.

If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Yes! Check-ins allow us to keep track of who’s in the workspace at all times for safety, security and workspace optimization.
Members and contacts can check in/out using their PIN code or the Passport app. If you have the passport app, Checking in is EASY – Just scan the QR codes posted at the first and second floor locations to check-in to Work-Collective.
No passport app? No problem. Just visit the front desk and enter your pin number on the tablet. 
Don’t remember your PIN code?

You can find your pin code from your Members Portal account via Settings > My Account > Password.


  1. Tap Member.

  2. Enter your PIN code.


Passport is a mobile app available on iOS and Android phones and is THE KEY to navigating the Work-Collective community.

Download the app on your iPhone here.

Download the app on your Android here.

Here are a few pointers to maximize your app iQ:
  1. Enable your notification settings – Go to My Profile > Notifications and make sure to toggle notifications settings to “on” to receive updates and alerts about events and happenings at the workspace.
  2. Member perks – Check out local perks curated especially for Work-Collective members. We are constantly updating this section with new partners, just click on the … and find Perks (Stretch Lab, Green Leaf Juice, Mountain Burger and more!)
  3. Events – RSVP for a breakfast burrito, chair massage or any other Work-Collective event in the app.
  4. Checking in is EASY – Just scan the QR codes posted at the first and second floor locations to check-in to Work-Collective.

Yes! We are first and foremost a place to conduct business. And having guest for meetings is part of that. We do not place limitations on the amount of visitors you have in the workspace and there isn’t any charge if the are there to join you in a work meeting. That said, if a guest will be in the workspace for half a day or longer, or working separately, we do ask that you purchase a day pass.

Members get a discounted 50 percent discount here.

Visitors must be booked though the website members portal (sorry the app does not currently support this function). 

Register a visitor now. 

  1. Log in to the Members Portal.

  2. Click Settings > My account > My Visitors.

  3. Fill out the Register a visitor form.

  4. Click on Register Visitor.

The new visitor now appears above the form.

Please visit our booking calendar here. You must be logged into your member profile in order to create and make changes to bookings.

  1. Temporally deactivate any security software or private VPNs.
  2. Locate the WiFi network called “CNWX”
  3. Tap “Join”
  4. You will be presented with the captive portal screen seen below.
  5. Enter the password emailed when you signed up (Note, this is not the PIN number)
  6. Reactivate any security software and/or private VPNs.

If you do not get the above screen, you will need to delete/forget your network and add it back. This should prompt your device to show the screen.

Troubleshooting MacOS

Troubleshoot Windows

Need more help?

Contact us or submit a help desk ticket here.

Work-Collective has two printers.

First ensure you are connected to our network via WiFi or Ethernet.

Once connected, you can add the printers using their local IP address below:

Brother Printer – Located downstairs by the phone booths in suite 100.
IP address =
Get the Brother
MFC-L9570CDW print driver software.

Toshiba Printer – Located upstairs between the phone booths in suite 200.
IP address =
Get the Toshiba e-STUDIO3005AC print driver software.

Both printers can be added using the generic drivers supplied on your machine and most of the functions needed will work just fine. Click the links above if you require the specific software for either printer. The software MUST be installed prior to adding the printer using IPP.

On a Mac:

Open System Preferences and select Printers/Scanners. Click the Globe icon and enter the IP address of the printer you want. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

On a PC:  

Open the Settings app from the Start menu, and select Devices. Select IPP. Enter the IP address of the printer you want. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.


Both printers have a scanner built into the top of the machine. To scan:

  1. Place a single document on the scanner glass or multiple pages into the feeder
  2. Select Simple Scan from menu. Select Address book and scroll to find your name.  If your name is not lists, use the + button to add your email.
  3. Press Start
  4. The scanned document will be sent from scans@work-collective.com to your inbox.

If you have your own printer you want to use on the shared CNWX network you’ll need to connect via a cable. By design, all network traffic is restricted and sharing printers or individual computers isn’t possible without some technical help to allow it.  Please email us if you would like to connect via WiFi or Ethernet.